Friday, March 20, 2015

2015: The Year of the Ponytail?

We know the Pantone color of the year is Marsala and it's the Year of the Sheep, but do we also know the hairstyle of the year? Could it be the ponytail? I think it very well could be! The ponytail is everywhere. It's been spotted sleek and slicked back, wavy with serious volume, a bit messy, and high or low.  No matter the style, a pony is the way to go! From the Oscars to the runways and everywhere in between, the pony has been making a show-stopping statement.

Dakota wowed with her ponytail on the red carpet. Slightly undone with wispy hairs framing her face, the hairstyle suited her gown and makeup perfectly. 

JLo was a princess in a ponytail on Oscar night. Her 'do dazzled like those diamond earrings!

Gigi had her hair in a simple ponytail that complimented her intricate dress. Classic hairdos are always in style. 

Lea's ponytail looks natural and effortless. Glee may be over, but the pony is still going strong. 

Even designer collections donned the 'do on the runway! This sleek, shiny, side-knotted pony is fierce. 

Which 'do is doing it for you? How will you partake in the year of the ponytail?



  1. I love JLo's ponytail! I haven't been wearing ponytails too much, but as my hair's gotten longer, I'm able to make them look like I actually put some thought into it.