Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Style List | February and March 2016

These are my favorite jeans ever.  I have them in petite length and they are the best. They can be dressed up or down effortlessly, day or night. I've worn them with everything from a blouse and blazer to a crop top. 

As dramatic as it sounds, this bomber jacket honestly changed my life. It was a birthday present and I've been wearing it non-stop ever since. The Pink Ladies vibes are real. Amazing piece, amazing quality. 

I've had this bag for a couple years now and it is never not a favorite of mine. It never fails to complete any outfit. Highly recommend. 

This was in my January Style List as well and it continues to be a go-to accessory of mine. Festival season is here, and even though I'm not Coachella-Boston Calling-Bonnaroo-bound, I'll still be rocking it.

I had been lusting after the Stan Smiths for months are was so excited to get these for my birthday. They're incredibly hard to come by and I love how this black snakeskin print pair is different from the white and green version. These sneakers tie any look together. 

Zara off-the-shoulder dress (sold out)
This dress had ben hanging in my closet for months. I bought it last summer and only wore it once to College Fashion Week. In February and March, I got a lot more wear out if it. It's fantastic what can happen when you shop your closet! I can't wait to style it for the spring and summer months. It would look great with a pair of Converse or Stan Smiths. 

Zara striped shirt (sold out)
There is something timeless about a blue and white striped shirt. It adds a relaxed element to any outfit. I love to wear mine with black clothes for a cool contrast. 

These shoes are a staple in my wardrobe. I have gotten so much wear out of them. I dress them up or down, with dresses or jeans. They're perfect all year round. 

Another piece that was in my January Style List and will be a forever favorite. I wear this watch with everything. It's become a part of my signature accessories look. 

Thrifted straight-leg jeans
Nothing is better than a pair of thrifted jeans. I found mine at Savers and they are a go-to on days when I want to be comfortable and casual. I'm always wearing these with some sort of sneaker. If you're looking for lived-in denim, thrift stores are the place to shop. 


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