Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Beauty Essentials

Beauty products are not one size fits all. Today, I want to share my favorite beauty essentials that will suit anyone and any budget. This isn't going be the type of post you're expecting. 

Makeup is expensive.

 Being a beautiful person is free. 

I love makeup as much as the next Sephora Beauty Insider, but there are so many more important ways to be beautiful besides applying plastic-packaged products to your skin. 

Kindness is free. An open mind is free. Embracing diversity is free. Respect is free. Caring is free. Helping someone is free. Love is free. All of these beauty essentials are guaranteed to erase unwanted and unnecessary hate from this world we all live in. 

The world does not feel beautiful or loved right now. It is hurting inside and out. We need beautiful people to remind this planet how beautiful and loved it really is. 


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