Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Festive Furs

Coat: ASOS (sold out, similar here) | Sweater: c/o Tobi (sold out, similar here) | Jeans: Abercrombie (sold out, similar here) | Shoes: Dr. Martens | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (sold out, similar here)

Happy Holidays, everyone! I haven't posted in over two months! WOW! I've been very busy with my last year of college and haven't had the time to devote to blogging. Now that it's winter break, I have more flexibility. My hiatus comeback wouldn't be complete without an outfit post, and, since it's wintertime, a festive look is in order.

I haven't worn this coat in months, so what better time to break it out of my closet than the holidays? I'm festive in furs! I let the coat be the shining star of the outfit and styled it with high waisted skinny jeans, my favorite turtleneck sweater from Tobi, and my trusty Dr. Martens. The storybook aura of Acorn Street in Boston's Beacon Hill is the perfect backdrop for this casual, winter look. Merry Everything!


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

What Forbes Can Learn From Its Women@Forbes Under 30 Summit

What do ForbesPlayboy, and my Women@Forbes experience have in common? 

A few weeks ago, I applied to and was selected to attend the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston where I am completing my senior year at Emerson College. I was honored to be recognized as an Under 30 Scholar among a group of like-minded, entrepreneurial peers. I looked forward to gaining industry insight from top young change-makers such as Kendrick Lamar, Karlie Kloss, Tyler Oakley, Evan Rachel Wood, and many others who would be speaking. I was even more elated to receive a special invitation to the Women@Forbes MIT Takeover, a summit for young women in tech. 

As a self-taught, rookie coder, I am very proud of the blog I have created. Everything you see on Bits of Style has been executed by me, with the exception of a few photoshoots from time to time. I never would have dreamed of being hosted by Forbes and MIT as a top young woman in tech. On Sunday, October 1st, I made my way over to the MIT Media Lab, ready for the eventful day ahead. I envisioned an empowering, inspiring experience with women doing everything to make the event possible from operating the tech booth to the cameras. Was I in for a surprise. When I stepped into the lecture hall, I was taken aback that every camera recording the event was being operated by a man. I thought this was a women in tech summit. I took a vacant seat in the press section and listened closely to Bozoma Saint John, the new and first Chief Brand Officer of Uber, a company with a history of sexual harassment. Bozoma is a strong, smart woman who gave a moving speech on what it means to be female in the tech sector, and how solving the issues of sexism takes effort from everyone. I have all the confidence in her ability to shape an inclusive and respectful culture at Uber. 

Uber is by no means the only company plagued by insidious, abusive behavior. The Weinstein Company has been making headlines for producer Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment and abuse of female employees and coworkers. His mistreatment of the women he works with has spanned decades. Weinstein was fired on Sunday. What is it with men in positions of power in the entertainment and tech industries treating women with such disrespect, like we are a disposable commodity? I firmly believe it has to do with the "boys club" mentality of these sectors which for so long have kept women out and fenced men in. 

As I looked at the male camera operators, I felt uneasy. I thought about how hypocritical it was for Forbes to host a women in tech summit only to have the individuals recording it be men. There I sat, listening to CEO of Glossier, Emily Weiss, in a room full of women with their eyes on careers in tech, as camera lenses captured our vulnerable, shared experience through the male gaze. How powerful it would have been to see women cinematographers. As someone who attends one of the top film schools in the country, I know firsthand how the film industry is rampant with sexism. Couldn't Forbes have made a statement on creating opportunities for women in the tech sector? Where is their entrepreneurial spirit? I know many young women at my college who are talented cinematographers. What about their representation? I left the Women@Forbes Summit early and did not attend any other Forbes Under 30 festivities.

Because this all doesn't exist in a vacuum by coincidence, I did some research on the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes. It all came full circle. The CEO is Michael Perlis and he joined the company in December 2010. I know you don't inherit a high-profile position without some hearty past experience, so I looked into where he worked before. His former title? Publisher of Playboy, succeeding none other than Hugh Hefner. He took over Playboy from Hugh in 1989. I found an article in The New York Times archives all about Mr. Perlis. The 1992 interview is a testament to his character. In the interview, he calls himself a "feminist." I fail to see how Playboy is feminist media. He is quoted saying men have, "become a subculture like everybody else." Steve Forbes, the Editor-in-Chief, is pro-Trump and pro-life as he openly expresses on his Twitter. Mr. Forbes is certainly not a feminist. If Forbes seeks to be a feminist, forward-thinking publication, it must be inclusive from the top down. It is wrong for Forbes to exploit young people's aspirations for equality as a veil for its own corrupt values. Let it be known, Forbes, the leading business publication, is nothing but irony and false advertising.


Monday, July 24, 2017

City Casual

Dress: Brandy Melville (sold out, similar here) | Shirt: Nordstrom (sold out, similar here) | Shoes: Converse | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (sold out, similar here) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. | Choker: H&M | Earrings: Nordstrom Rack (sold out, similar here)

T-shirt dress + shirt tied around the waist + Converse + mini bag = the perfect busy-in-the-city look. It's comfortable, casual, and can take you anywhere from running errands to treating yourself to a tasty lunch. One of my favorite spots is Tatte Bakery & Cafe, which is right around the corner from where I took these pictures in Beacon Hill. Their sandwiches are some of the best in Beantown, as are their pastries, cookies, and hot teas. Tatte's mint lemonade is my weakness, especially on a hot day. It's hydration and happiness in a cup. To complete the laid-back look, I accessorized with simple jewelry and sunnies. I'm summer in the city ready.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Patriotic in Polka Dots

Romper: Zara | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (sold out, similar here) |
  Earrings: Nordstrom Rack | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Happy 4th of July! I hope all of you who celebrated the big 241st birthday were able to relax and have fun. It was a gorgeous summer day where I am. I kept it low-key and spent time with my family. Though I didn't wear this outfit today, it would have been perfect for the holiday. I'm obsessed with this navy blue and white polka dot romper from Zara. The ruffle detailing and wrap silhouette make it unique. Paired with cork wedges, Ray-Bans, hoop earrings, and a mini bag, it's ready for any summer's day. The blue and white look wouldn't be complete without a red lip. 'Zip' by Glossier is my summer scarlet of choice. I'm patriotic in polka dots. 


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Stars and Stripes

Dress: Topshop (sold out, similar here) | Jacket: Hollister Co. (sold out, similar here) | Shoes: Converse | Bag: Brandy Melville (sold out, similar here) | Necklace: Brandy Melville | Earrings: Nordstrom Rack | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Happy 2nd of July! Can you believe it?! We're only two days away from the 4th. I'll be delivering Fourth of July outfit inspo all long weekend long here on Bits of Style. My first look is a modern spin on Americana. I wore this same Topshop navy and white stripe midi dress around the holiday last summer. I've styled it a bit differently this time around. I paired the dress with my go-to white Converse to keep the look casual. A vintage wash denim jacket I've had in my closet for ages (I'm talking freshman year of high school) protects arms and shoulders that burn easily. It's lightweight enough that I won't overheat either. A faux leather backpack holds all my summer essentials: sunscreen, sunnies, baseball cap, and a water bottle. For accessories, I chose my favorite gold star choker to play up the stripes on my dress. Stars and stripes scream Independence Day. Gold hoop earrings keep the look well-rounded. Ray-Bans are the finishing touch. Enjoy the festivities, my fellow Americans! 🇺🇸 ⭐ 🎆 ❤️


Photo credits to my fabulous sister, Maggie (@magsterpiece97).

Monday, June 19, 2017

Grunge Garb

Top: Topshop (sold out, similar here) | Skirt: Topshop (sold out, similar here) | Jacket: thrifted (similar here) | Shoes: Dr. Martens | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (sold out, similar here) | Tights: ASOS | Choker: H&M | Earrings: Nordstrom Rack | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

This outfit couldn't be more '90s if it tried. All that's missing is a CD player. This look says both "give me your lunch money" and "give me your Hulu account info so I can watch The Handmaid's Tale." I'm, like, getting serious Spinelli from Recess and young Drew Barrymore vibes from this look. I love how effortlessly cool grunge garb is. A black denim button-front skirt paired with a mid-wash denim jacket creates a subtle double denim contrast. I've decked mine out in pins I've thrifted and been gifted. A lace-up tank, fishnets, Doc Martens, and '90s jewelry complete this wicked sweet look. 


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Very Official Shopping Guide

About a month and a half ago, I posted on Instagram asking you all what content you would like to see from me. Now that I am on summer break from school, I have much more time to focus on blogging. One of you requested I write a post on where I buy my clothes. I now present to you my Very Official Shopping Guide! Let's break it down. 

American Apparel
Okay, so, they went bankrupt, and are a shopping destination of the past, but I have many pieces from AA that I love. Their tennis skirts, halter dresses, and turtlenecks will always hold a special place in my heart. The store on Newbury Street here in Boston is now closed for eternity. RIP to an iconic clothing oasis and my teenage fashion dreams.

Aritzia has the most elegant, effortlessly-chic pieces of clothing. They make their pieces in the most luxe fabrics, from suede to silk. I am obsessed with their dresses, skirts, and outerwear especially. Aritzia is a go-to for me for quality wardrobe staples and special articles I will have for years to come.

I love the variety ASOS has. The online-only shop sell clothes, shoes, and accessories that suit any look for anyone. Their range of sizes is incredible, which I give them serious props for. The ASOS Petite collection is my fashion life-saver. The proportions are perfection; pants and dresses are never too long for my barely 5-foot-nothing frame. Plus, the vast majority of items ASOS sells are reasonably priced and the 10% year-round student discount is a win. If I'm looking for something I can't seem to find anywhere else, ASOS almost always carries it.

Brandy Melville
As I write this, I am wearing a Brandy Melville T-shirt, sweater, and sweatpants. Brandy Melville is a go-to of mine for basics. Their simple T-shirts never disappoint and are so soft and cozy. However, unlike ASOS, they are "one-size fits all." SAD! I own all sorts of pieces from Brandy Melville: tops, skirts, shorts, jeans, dresses, chokers, bags, and hats. I've found their items to be very good quality. I've had some pieces on rotation for over three years now and they still look great. Brandy is also one of my favorite accessory destinations. Their jewelry, hats, and bags are not to be missed. 

Buffalo Exchange
This thrift store is vibin'. They carry secondhand as well as new pieces that are "in" at the moment and make a statement. Their collection is meticulously curated. I found my beloved Ramones band T-shirt there as well as a pair of jeans I'm absolutely in love with (I bet I have worn them over 100 times) and a chic, heather grey knit bodycon dress. I haven't been there in a year, but I want to go back soon because it is a fashion goldmine, although they are a bit pricer than your local Goodwill. 

Emerson College
Yes, this is my college. Yes, I am including it as a place I get clothes. Yes, I am being wicked serious. Here's why; at the end of the year, everyone on campus has the opportunity to get rid of clothes they don't want at what we call the "Shop & Swap." I have found the most amazing pieces through this, from J Brand jeans (major win) and pieces with tags still on, to vintage items, all in impeccable condition,for free! Thanks, Emerson!

Forever 21
In my opinion, summer is Forever 21's best season, followed by fall. It's high tide for the fast-fashion retailer right now. Forever 21 has it all. Their jewelry is A+ as are their tops and skirts. Although it can often times be a hit or miss, when I find the right F21 piece, it's a big deal. I either leave Forever 21 empty handed or with a haul; there is no in-between.

Free People
When I want to go boho, Free People is my go-to. Their pieces are so unique and intricately made, like they were designed by woodland fairies. Their dresses and tops always make a statement. Side note: I recently purchased a sequin rainbow scrunchie from them and it is my everything.

Another fab thrift store. Thrifting is honestly one of my all-time favorite activities. (How many times have I used the phrase "all-time favorite" in this post?) Pros of thrifting: it's eco-friendly, incredibly affordable, often times benefits a charity, and is a lot of fun. I get a rush from scouring the racks trying to find that one special piece. Goodwill has a great selection most of the time, but it of course varies by location. 

What can't I find at H&M? They have practically built the foundation of my wardrobe. Everything is on point all the time. I'm obsessed with their denim, basics, trendy pieces, knitwear, you name it! A trip to H&M has rarely left me disappointed and empty handed.

LF Stores
LF has a total Coachella vibe. Their pieces are very unique and inspired by the edgy, bohemian LA aesthetic. Three words for you: shop the sales. They have end of season sales and they are incredible.  I found a pair of jeans for $28 that were originally $238 and they are one of my favorite pairs I've ever owned. Seriously; shop the sales.

Madewell is another one of those stores that sells great quality pieces. They are a bit more expensive, so shopping sales is what I prefer. Their denim is incredible. I especially love "The Jean Jacket." Plus, they offer a 15% off student discount all year long.

Nordstrom. Where to begin. My all-time favorite department store. I buy everything here: clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories, makeup, you name it. My most-loved brands and designers they carry include Topshop, Free People, Adidas, Michael Kors, and Rebecca Minkoff.

Nordstrom Rack
Fantastic for shoes and accessories. I got all my big hoop earrings here for $10 a pair. Can't beat it. I'm Nordstrom obsessed, so the fact everything here is on sale 24/7 is a huge win. The savings are incredible. 

Rebecca Minkoff
Rebecca Minkoff makes some of my favorite handbags. Her designs are chic and timeless all at once. My favorite handbag I own of hers is now discontinued, which makes me sad. It was called the "Mini MAB" aka the handbag I carry 99.9% of the time. I was hoping to get it in other colors someday. She has other bags similar to it, but the "Mini MAB" will forever be my fave. 

I've only ever shopped the sales here. I will say, I own two dresses from them and they are two of my most-loved dresses I have. What I love most about Reformation is their clothes have a far less environmental impact than clothes from typical fast fashion retailers and are made in LA. Plus, everything they make is adorable and I want all of it.

Sam Edelman
A go-to footwear destination of mine. I own their oh-so-comfy and chic sandals, loafers, and booties. They suit any outfit. If I'm not mistaken, the brand offers a student discount in stores.

Savers Thrift
My favorite place to "pop some tags" is the Savers in my small New Hampshire hometown...who knew?! Whenever I come home for school breaks I stop by. I already went twice this summer and found incredible pieces like a velvet dress that looks like something straight out of Stevie Nicks' closet and Levi's. Honestly, why spend $80 on Levi's jeans when you can find them at a thrift store like Savers for under $10? They'll have that lived-in feel and be just as good of quality. 

T.J. Maxx
T.J.Maxx has been I store I've loved for years. I've been wearing their clothes since I was little. I am never disappointed on a trip to T.J.'s. Clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry are my favorite departments. What's great at T.J.Maxx is they carry clothes from a whole bunch of brands and the savings are amazing! I have scored Free People and Tularosa pieces for a whole lot less. 

Topshop is very special to me. One of my favorite stores for sure. Their petite line is perfection. I own a few pairs of the "Petite Joni Jeans" and they are my favorite high waisted skinny jeans ever. I swear by them. Their skirts are fantastic as are their dresses, tops, knits, and outerwear. Topshop's shoes are also gorgeous. Oh, and their jewelry is really good! If it's Topshop, I'll buy it. Topshop has a 10% student discount.

HeatTech Turtlenecks. That's all. I shall say no more. 

Urban Outfitters
I come here every now and then just to shop the sale racks. Can you say $10 flannels?! Their dresses make me swoon. 

Where do I begin with Zara. They are another one of my favorite stores. Zara has filled my wardrobe with beautiful, fashion pieces that have a haute couture vibe. Seriously. Zara is so good at what they do. I love their outerwear, jeans, rompers, tops, dresses, and knitwear the most. Zara slays the street style game every time. They keep getting better! Idk how they do it! I have done school projects on this store I could go on and on. #Obsessed. 

There you have it; the places I get my clothes! Where do you love to shop?


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Posh Spice

Dress: Reformation (sold out, similar here) | Shoes: ASOS (sold out, similar here) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (sold out, similar here) | Velvet choker: Forever 21 (sold out, similar here) | Silver choker: Brandy Melville (sold out, similar here)

Someone told me this look was very Posh Spice. She hadn't even by my outfit inspiration. I was flattered! My style almost always favors the '90s so it's very on-brand. I am always down to wear a little black dress. I paired my favorite one from Reformation with lace up sandals, layered chokers, and a mini bag. "I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want!" I want to "spice up my life" with more '90s summer outfits. 


Friday, June 2, 2017

Shades of Cool

Jacket: Zara (sold out, similar here) | Top: ASOS (sold out, similar here) | Skirt: Topshop (sold out, similar here) | Shoes: Topshop (sold out, similar here) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (sold out, similar here) | Earrings: Nordstrom Rack (sold out, similar here) | Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

It's been a bit chilly lately so outfits like these are still on rotation. Who knew it would be 50 degrees when spring is winding down? I'm not going to have summertime sadness, although a bit of sunshine would be nice. This look is one of my all-time favorites. I love how simple yet put together a denim skirt, turtleneck, and (faux) leather jacket is. I like to think the black tights and sock boots make me look taller, but I might be kidding myself. Someone who is barely 5' can only look so statuesque. If these low temps keep up, i'll be living in shades of cool for a while. 


Monday, May 29, 2017

Sheer Darkness

Jacket: Zara (sold out, similar here) | Top: Brandy Melville | Bralette: Brandy Melville | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Dr. Martens | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (sold out, similar here) | Tights: ASOS | Choker: Brandy Melville (sold out, similar here)

I feel like a Hex Girl from Scooby Doo and the Witches Ghost. That movie is highly underrated imo. If you want to talk about it, lmk. I'm really into clothes that look like I'm in a coven, especially since the country has been put under some political dark spell. These days, you can find me wearing all black singing along to Harry Styles' album. My personal favorites are "Sign of the Times," "Sweet Creature," "Ever Since New York," "Two Ghosts," and "Meet Me in the Hallway." However, all the songs are divine (much like him). If you haven't given the masterpiece a listen yet, please do! (If you're reading this, Harry, I love you.)

I finally got my hands on the sheer top from Brandy Melville I'd been eyeing for a while. Your first see-through article of clothing counts as some sort of rite of passage, doesn't it? I'm going to go with yes. It's daring. It's edgy. It's totally Cher Horowitz approved. I'm all about it. I paired the barely-there blouse with a lacy black bralette, faux leather jacket, raw-hem denim skirt, fishnets, and Doc Martens. MAC lipstick in 'Model Behaviour' adds the finish touch. If you're going '90s goth, you have to go all the way. This look is sheer darkness.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spring Stripes

Shirt: Zara (sold out, similar here) | Top: Free People (sold out, similar here) | Jeans: Brandy Melville (sold out, similar here) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (sold out, similar here) | Sneakers: Adidas | Earrings: Nordstrom Rack (sold out, similar here) | Bracelet: Tiffany & Co.

Stripes? For spring? Groundbreaking. In all seriousness, I am a big fan of stripes for spring. I don't care if it's cliché. Some patterns are classic in all their seasonal glory. For this look, I paired my favorite striped Zara shirt with an off-white, floral embossed off the shoulder top, mom jeans, and white Adidas kicks. To balance the boho and '90s vibes going on, I accessorized with silver hoop earrings and a delicate Tiffany bracelet, and carried my Rebecca Minkoff mini bag. This look is springtime ready.


Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Midi

Jacket: Zara (sold out, similar here) | Top: Nordstrom (sold out, similar here) | Skirt: Aritzia | Shoes: ASOS (sold out, similar here) | Bag: Kate Spade (sold out, similar here) | Choker: H&M (sold out, similar here) | Earrings: Nordstrom Rack

We are right in the "midi" of spring! Summer is right around the corner and I cannot wait! Boston has been on the cooler side lately, so outfits like this one are perfect for the crisp temps. I am obsessed with this knit midi skirt I got at the Aritiza sale back in February. Aritzia's sales are amazing! You can find some incredibly stunning items. I styled the midi with all black pieces, (no surprise), as its sleek silhouette suits the classic, stark shade. An off the shoulder crop top compliments the high waist and block heeled sandals literally tie the look together. My signature faux leather Zara jacket is the finishing touch. 


Sunday, May 7, 2017

I Come in Peace

Top: Zara (sold out, similar here) | Jeans: Zara | Shoes: Vans | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (sold out, similar here) | Choker: LF (sold out, similar here) | Earrings: Nordstrom Rack | Glasses: Warby Parker

Greetings, earthlings! I come in peace. It is the year 2017 in the month of May. I have a newfound love for space buns. These past few months, I have been marching for women's rights, immigration, and science. Planet earth is out of this world right now. It's like an alternate universe. The '60s and '70s had their fair share of protests and bohemian flair. Perhaps the late-'10s will be marked by the resistance and an individualistic approach to fashion; a culture that is more collective in ideology than clothing. As for me, I'll be wearing my space buns and dressing across decades. 🌎✨🌙