Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Style List | January 2016

I've tried to do similar series posts like this in the past, but they never stuck. I always found myself reaching for what to write about each month in a forced effort to capture my "newest fashion obsessions." These posts aren't going to be like that. As a fashion blogger and someone who loves fashion in general, I sometimes feel pressured to be wearing the latest clothes. The world of fashion blogging has become its own reality series called Keeping Up with the Fashionistas. Honestly, I can't keep up and odds are 99.99% of people can't either. It's not realistic. There is always going to be the latest "gotta-have-it" shoe, handbag or trend. Staying relevant in the fashion universe is nearly an impossible feat, unless you're a celebrity, were a pioneer in fashion blogging and now incredibly successful, or member of the Vogue-worthy elite. 

 So, where does that leave everyone else? If you're like me, you'll probably be found picking and choosing the trends that suit your aesthetic at stores like Tj Maxx, Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Topshop and ASOS as well as thrift stores. And you know what, there is nothing wrong with this! I love shopping at these stores. The high fashion looks I want to recreate with my own personal twist become accessible. Style isn't in a brand label. Style is how you express yourself through the clothes you wear. It's not about whether there is a Chanel logo fastened to it. Style has no symbol. It's something anyone can possess if they know what inspires them and suits who they are. 

The Style List is my latest installment on Bits of Style. Every month, I will be curating my favorite pieces into a post and writing about why they have a special place in my wardrobe. It's not about the brands; it's about how each item has contributed to my personal style evolution. Every article of clothing or accessory in my arsenal adds another layer to my personality. Some posts may have repeat items, which I think is a good thing. If you love something, why not wear it as much as you want? Fear not, outfit non-repeaters. There are no rules in fashion. I'm an outfit repeater believer. 

Here are the pieces that captured the essence of my style in January:

I saw this in Brandy Melville when I went Christmas shopping and knew I just had to get it for my sister (and myself). The color scheme of navy blue and gray is my aesthetic and the "girl power" saying is nothing short of powerful. I've never seen a sweatshirt that was more me than this one.

I honestly never thought I would own a pair of Vans. They always seemed too West Coast-cool for me to pull off. My sister started wearing them (she's really cool and belongs on the West Coast), which of course peaked my interest. I found these leather ones and knew I had to get them. I could "make it work" Tim Gunn style in my own way. I can't tell you how many times I've worn these since I bought them this summer. I will pair them with anything from jeans and a leather jacket to a maxi dress. 

The coat that changed my life. It is the epitome of the fire emoji. Vintage-inspired fashion at its finest. If you're petite and looking for a faux fur coat that is too fabulous, this is the one and only. 

"Oh, Mr. Sheffield!" Fran Drescher was actually talking about this watch, believe it or not. This is another one of those items that captures my style. I love how this watch is both classic and modern. The contrast of the black leather strap and white face with silver detailing makes it a truly timeless timepiece. 

Cowgirl-chic. This belt adds a vintage, edgy and western vibe to any outfit. When I wear it, I like it to be the focus of the look. I love pairing it with jeans, a leather jacket, simple blouse or tee and ankle boots. It would also look really cute with a denim dress. 

I love everything about these jeans and have been wearing them all the time. The wash, subtle rips and fraying at the hem are just right. 

The ultimate, classic white sneakers. These go with pretty much anything. I wear mine running errands around the city and heading to class. Pro tip: I am a size 5 or 5 1/2 and bought a kids 3 1/2 in these shoes as they run large. If you can wear the kids sizes, I highly suggest you get those instead. They're just as cute and the quality is no different. Plus, you'll save $10 or $20 so it's a win-win!

The other pair of jeans I have been wearing all the time. Black jeans are one of my favorite pieces of clothing to wear. The zipper detailing on this pair make them interesting and edgy. My favorite way to style them is with a black turtleneck and Vans. 

One of my all-time favorite items in my wardrobe is my Zara faux leather jacket. It goes with everything and is the perfect completer piece to any outfit. The quality is amazing and it is great for layering. I wear it all year round. 

Who says snow boots can't be stylish? Sorel makes the most fabulous snow boots ever. They're more than just fashionable though; they're also comfortable and keep my feet from ever getting cold. I have worn these in the Boston snow and on 20 degree days and have been toasty warm. If you want quality  snow boots with serious style, these are them.