Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Which Witch Are You?

 Whether good or bad, all witches have something in common—they have spellbinding style. Which witch shares your wicked fashion sense?

Glinda the Good Witch
Glinda doesn’t just wear pink on Wednesdays…she wears pink everyday! Her glittery gown is a showstopper. If you have a passion for pink and all things that sparkle, Glinda is your girl!

Wicked Witch of the West
The Wicked Witch of the West has timeless style. Her simple black dress is spooky chic. If you dress in classic pieces, the Wicked Witch of the West suits your sense of style best. Your good taste makes others green with envy. 

The Sanderson Sisters
Your style puts a spell on people! Like the Sanderson sisters, you like to take fashion risks. You aren’t afraid to be a bit quirky or wear unique vintage pieces, and appreciate the magic of a good thrift store find.

Sabrina Spellman
Do you change your outfits at the drop of a witch’s hat? If so, this teenage witch is your style soul sister. Like you, Sabrina always wants to look her best. She even got accepted to Emerson! 

Hermione Granger
If you’re a muggle who loves layered, laid-back looks, Hermione’s casual-cool style is for you.  She keeps it simple with basic pieces like sweaters, jeans, and scarves.

Maleficent is the ultimate high fashion witch. Her outfit is worthy of the pages of Vogue. If you consider yourself a fashionista, Maleficent is your muse.

Samantha Stephens
If you’re a “mod hipster,” you are taking a page from Samantha Stephens’ style spell book. Her fashion sense “Bewitched” TV audiences in the sixties.

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