Monday, July 20, 2015

New York Fashion Week: Men Runway Roundup

The final shows of the first ever Men's Fashion Week have come to a close. It started in London, then traveled to Milan, Paris and finally New York. From July 13th to the 16th, New York became a menswear hub, showcasing the top designers. I've never discussed mens fashion on my blog, but since this was the first Men's Fashion Week in history and I'm now working as a sales associate in the mens department of Lord & Taylor, this is the perfect opportunity. 

The spring 2016 menswear collections shown in New York were amazing. There are a lot of clean lines and crisp tailoring  to the clothes which I love. Neutral colors like black, white, grey and navy are in abundance. I'm getting serious fashion inspiration from some of these outfits. Below, you'll find my runway roundup featuring my favorite looks. 

1. Tommy Hilfiger
I'm obsessed with this look. Everything is perfect from the loafers with buckle detailing to that too-cool coat. I love how the base of the outfit is all white. It's incredibly chic. 

Another Tommy Hilfiger look I love. You can't go wrong with black and white. The pop of yellow makes a statement. 

This black trench coat and shorts combo is genius. Did I mention how much I love the sunglasses on all these models? Well done, Tommy Hilfiger.

2. Michael Kors
Michael Kors' collection is relaxed and chic. I love the linen pant paired with sandals, a simple top and trench. The belt is tied in such an effortless way and that bag is great. Why can't guys carry bags too? He's owning it! 

These white ripped jeans are fabulous and that longline cardigan is a classic. This androgynous look would work for both guys and girls. 

Of course I would love an all black look! It's edgy, dark and mysterious. Who wouldn't want to look this fierce?

3. Jeffrey RΓΌdes
This looks like something Harry Styles would wear. I approve. 

I also approve of this look. It's simple, understated and very wearable. The boys of One Direction would probably wear it too. 

4. John Varvatos
Love this mix of navy blue, black and gray. So chic. 

5. Engineered for Motion
I've been into bomber jackets lately so I love this outfit. Monochrome always looks sharp. 

New York Fashion Week: Men was a stylish success. "Let's hear it for the boy!" 



  1. I love the bomber jacket as well! xx, kenz

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